Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media


DO Respond to Reviews Publicly
Once you claim your restaurant’s page on Yelp and
TripAdvisor, you can respond to reviews either privately,
via direct message, or publicly, so the rest of the world can
see the exchange. The latter option lets prospective customers
know that A) you’re smart enough to be aware of the review
sites, B) you care about the experience you’re offering and
C) you reach out to connect with customers. This effort
on your part can win you goodwill, even if you’re responding
to a negative review.

DO Feature your Staff
Your people are one of the things that differentiates you from
the competition. Whether it’s a fun group shot or giving credit
to an unsung hero, turning the spotlight on your staff shows
you believe in them, which fosters a sense of pride among
your employees.

DO Market yourself a Little Bit
Less than 20% of your posts should be business messaging.
The rest should engage your customers by being interesting!
They’re not checking their social media feeds 6 times a day
(or more) to see ads. They want to see what’s NEW!
They want to be entertained!


DON’T Think of Social Media as a Waste
of Time, Money or Energy

Because of its personal nature, if you’re using social media
right, it will strengthen relationships with your customers and
build your brand in ways that traditional advertising never
could. But to see that benefit, you have to commit to social
media marketing as an ongoing project, investing time and
creativity (and funds) to produce appealing, share-worthy
content. Set some social media goals so you can better track
your progress and return on investment.

DON’T Just Post Nightly Specials
If you’re posting the same happy hour specials night after
night, you’re doing social media wrong. That’s predictable
and boring, and even your most loyal fans will tune out that
kind of old school advertising quickly. Instead, post a variety
of fresh and interesting content, with an emphasis on visuals –
the same kinds of things you like to see in your own feed.

DON’T Neglect Curb Appeal
Maintaining your digital identity and digital curb appeal is crucial,
but so is making sure your business is well-kept, clean, inviting
and professional. Any part of the customer experience might
end up in a review or in a photo posted online, so keep that
parking lot tidy, and everywhere else, too!