Why Online Reviews are Important

Successful restaurants have always had to manage their reputation. All that has changed is the medium, the speed at which information is transmitted and the number of people that are reached by that information.

A restaurant’s reputation used to be what they said about themselves in their advertising and what their customers were saying via word of mouth. Now, customers define restaurants by providing real time feedback on review sites, social media, forums and other channels.

Managing a successful online reputation can be time consuming. You can use products, services or people to cut down on the time expenditure, but whatever you do, maintaining the online presence of your restaurant is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. Of course, one of the most vital aspects of managing any online reputation is getting, monitoring, responding to and amplifying online reviews.

Ninety-seven percent of consumers find local restaurant info on the web and nearly 90% make decisions based on what online reviews say. Every restaurant is constantly being put to the test, and the results of that test are being published.

Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor host over a combined 270 million reviews and if you consider the billion+ users on Facebook and Twitter, there’s a good chance your local restaurant clients are the subject of much online chatter. They need to be part of the conversation. The 240 Group offers you the tools to respond to EVERY review. You can utilize our software to share/publish your 4/5 star reviews on other sites so EVERYONE will see them. This equals big RESULTS! and big PROFITS!