People don’t like to be “SOLD.” Effective suggestive selling is subtle.
You are doing the guest a favor, looking after his best interests by offering
your knowledge and expertise and making honest recommendations.

Many of guests are not familiar with daily specials. As their intermediary,
you are in the position to smooth the way for a confused guest. Above all,
be sincere and honest. Always do what you truly believe is in the “guest’s”
best interest. Recommend items you know are superior and you are certain
they will enjoy.

NEVER OVER SELL! Always allow the guest to finish ordering before
you start suggesting. Be aware of what the guest is ordering and
make sure he understands what he is getting.

If a guest orders too much, and you are certain he can’t handle that
much food, advise him. He will appreciate your concern and honesty.

Suggest appetizers while people are studying the menu. “How about some
fries or sharing an order of mozzarella sticks,” with your dinner this evening?”
Suggest side orders with entrees. “Would you care for a cup of our famous
tomato soup or a side arugula salad with your sirloin?”

Always be persuasive and display complete confidence. Make suggestions so
positively, that the guest wouldn’t dream of questioning your recommendation.

Don’t ask the guest a “yes or no” question. This requires him to make a
decision. Remember, people come here to relax, not think. If you display
confidence and complete product knowledge, the guest will trust your
judgment and allow you to take care of him.


you must sometimes bring a need or desire to try something to the surface.
Make sure you use the right type of language.
For example:
“Would you like an appetizer tonight?” If the guest responds, “No,” your suggestion
is over before it got started. “Would you care for some of our battered
pickle chips with your drinks? They go great with beer and come out quickly from
the kitchen.”

With this approach, you have exhibited your knowledge and confidence of food.
The guest has now developed confidence in you. This will greatly enhance your
opportunity to make this sale and make other recommendations.