MAXIMIZE Your First Impression


There are several ways you can make a first impression
on a prospective customer. Your restaurant’s curb appeal
is still vitally important, but today, most new customers will
discover and research you online before they walk through
your door. In many cases, your digital identity becomes their
crucial FIRST IMPRESSION of your restaurant.

Maybe they’ll see your website first, probably on their
smartphone. Or possibly your Facebook or Instagram page.
Their first contact may even be your Yelp review page!
You need to manage all these potential First Impression
points every way you possibly can to brand your business
and persuade new customers to give you a try.

The first impression your digital identity makes, whether it’s on your website
or any social media network, should create a feeling of welcome. This is
often achieved with large, appetizing food photos, enticing visitors to linger
and browse.

On your website, clear organization and ease of use contribute to that sense
of hospitality. Are you making it easy for customers to find the information
they need, such as your menu, hours, address and phone number? How many
clicks does it take to get to your menu listings? Is your site mobile optimized,
with streamlined navigation for smartphones?

On social media, the tone you post in plays a huge role in communicating
your personality and making customers feel welcome. Especially in an
election year, when our personal feeds have a higher ratio of controversy
and negativity, keep your posts professional, positive, friendly and fun.