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At 240 Group we come to work each day to achieve the goal of bringing more customers through your door.  Exponentially more customers.  It’s that simple. If your business is not already alive on the web, we work hand in hand with you to create your personalized, unique website – Our team of designers will create the foundation of your digital identity. Building on this foundation we have analyzed, formulated and finally created a platform to harness and direct your energy to easily attract more customers and increase profits

    What Our Platforms Can Do For YOU:

  • Strategic New Customer Identification
  • Monitor Your Competition
  • Defined & Pre-scheduled Customer Outreach
  • Manage All Major Social Media
  • Highlight & Share Positive Reviews
  • Suppress & Address Negative Reviews
  • Generate New Reviews
  • Optimize Your Presence on Major Search Engines
  • Fix Errors in your Business Listings on the Web
  • Receive Daily Reports
  • Stay in Touch with Email Alerts
  • And Do It All With Our Solutions Team By Your Side
Satisfied Customers
Increased Reviews by using 240 Group
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Great solutions are derived from great listening and we hear what you are saying. We collaborate with you on your vision, your objectives, the challenges within your market and your individualized needs - then the magic begins.  We like to think of your website as the ultimate employee.   It is your Sales & Marketing, Logistics and Customer Service departments and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - plus, it never asks for a vacation or a raise.   That's pretty close to perfection and we are honored to create it just for you.

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Gorgeous Events Calendars
  • Designer Collaboration
  • Updates and Revisions
  • Mobile Device Compatible (Responsive)
  • Step by Step Training
  • Unlimited Graphics
  • Support  & Solutions Team
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easily Found on Search Engines

We value great and long-lasting business relationships.

If you do too, then reach out and let's get building

Millions of customers announce their buying intentions every day - Are you Listening?


People are talking about your business every day - Are you Listening?

Our fully integrated Reputation Management Platform will simplify your ability to listen to your digital audience.   You can monitor all major review websites from the convenience of your personalized Dashboard and equally exciting – you will receive email notifications anytime a new review is posted on a any review site. You can then respond to and share the positive reviews across your social media sites.  Negative reviews?   No problem – we’ll give you tools to suppress those reviews too. 

What else can our platform do for you?
Well, we’re glad you asked – it’s powerful.   


  • Identify all of your Listing errors
  • Step by Step Guide to creating and updating your business listings (Bing, Google +, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc.)
  • Monitor your Major Competitors
  • Track key metrics on how your business stacks up against the competition
  • Email alerts for any review related activity
  • Solicit more reviews and generate more business

We don't just monitor your reputation...We FIX IT!


Social Media Solutions allows you to harness all of your social media information from within our dashboard. Facebook, Twitter, targeted geographical customer searches are all included. Build a robust social media presence and take control of your digital identity today.


  • Schedule Facebook/Twitter posts in advance
  • Share Positive Reviews on your Social Network
  • Cloud Based Dashboard
  • Social Media Manager
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Email Alerts
  • Strategic Customer Searches
  • No Contracts
Million Yelp users
Million Twitter users
Thousand new Google+ users every day
Million TripAdvisor users

Our average client sees a 550% increase in review volume within three months of starting their service...240 Group

A difference of one star in a typical online review profile can lead to a 9% difference in revenues for that business...Harvard Business Review

A recent study shows that 89% of all consumers check online reviews before making a purchase...eTailing Group



ALL 240 Group pricing packages are billed monthly and require NO CONTRACT. If for any reason you want to discontinue your service simply contact us and that is it. No additional billings, No hidden fees, No other commitments.   Andrea Weiland - President 240 Group
*Social Media Solutions is our robust marketing platform being utilized by the 240 Group on your behalf. We work everyday marketing your business to increase your sales and customer base. Sit back and enjoy the RESULTS!

Website & Sales Builder

  • Website Development
  • Monthly New Mover Data
  • Google Analytics
  • Responsive Mobile Site
  • Review Generation
  • Restaurant Listing Data
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Live Facebook/Twitter Feed
  • No Contracts
  • $999 one time setup fee

Social Media Solutions

  • We Identify all of your listing Errors
  • We Respond to all of your reviews
  • We Generate new Positive Reviews
  • We Publish Positive Reviews on other sites
  • We Create your own Review Page
  • We Post Content on your Facebook Page
  • We Post Your Recurring Specials
  • We Monitor Your Competition
  • You Receive Weekly Executive Reports
  • No Contracts

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